About Us

Company profile:

The PASARGAD I.N.T Company Services, with the license of the organization “Road management and Road Transport” by a number of senior executives and experts in the field of transport of cargoes and commerce, with the slogan of change and Innovation in cargo transportation,  with the prospect of development and satisfaction of customers in Gilan – Bandar Anzali has been registered in 2003.


This company since the establishment by forming a professional team of transport experts and considering market conditions, by providing efficient and specialized services and consulting to the owners of the goods, it has been able to attract a significant part of the target market and gain the benefit of cooperating with large domestic and international companies.

Our Mission & Vision:

The PASARGAD I.N.T company main goal is to improve our quality and maintain its success through continuous investment in the development and innovation of service delivery. In this regard, we strive to ensure that our employees are satisfied with their position, and this, in turn, leads to customer loyalty, sustainability of profit growth and company value. We invest on our staff to strengthen their professional skills and develop their leadership capabilities.

We also strive to provide the highest level of service to all owners of  products and our customers by providing valuable advice and solutions at all stages of shipping. Our goal is to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for customers in order to achieve their goals.

We will respond to the changing needs of customers and owners of cargoes with high speed and sensitivity and use our capabilities and strengths as a leverage to progress.

We look forward to staying ahead of our customers and stakeholders with the help and guidance of the services we provide.

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