Forwarding services

Forwarding refers to a service in which a person or a law firm company receives reimbursement of the cost of moving cargoes from one country to another. From the tasks of international shipping companies in the field of forwarding, we can conclude the following  noteda  such as : contract of carriage with the owner of the cargoes, issuing a bill of lading, collecting and warehousing, packing (in terms of contract with the employer), bar insurance (in terms of contract type and employer’s request), perform all customs formalities and operations at the origin – obtaining the necessary permissions, letter of Permalink (land-sea), acquiring necessary information in the course of cargo transportation and reporting to the owners of cargoes (according to the type of contract), delivery of goods to the customs of the country of destination in land transport and signature of the meeting concerning the addition or deduction of loads, declaration of goods arrival to the owner of the cargoes

Forwarding services of the PASARGAD I.N.T company  are divided into 3 sections: Maritime Forwarding, Ground Forwarding and Railways