Carrying fuel


Transportation of fuel or transit of fuel and oil is one of the most difficult and at the same time the most risky kind of transportation. This kind of transportation is often made up of land transportation, shipping, and rail transport, which these services are subject to certain rules and regulations. Carriage of fuel should be carried out as much as possible by roofing vehicles in order to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or rain. In the meantime, international shipping companies for the transportation of fuel and transit fuel should visit the organization to coordinate and locate the destination from the origin, and at the same time provide written permission along with the declaration of the owner of the cargoes, licensing and get directions to hazardous substances. One of the specialties of the PASARGAD I.N.T Services, the transportation of petroleum products, transportation of gasoline, oil and bitumen, fuel oil, petroleum, crude oil by the most up-to-date and equipped transportation fleet, to all parts of the country or neighboring countries is done. Clearance, export, import of crude oil and its derivatives require is our expertise and experience

The PASARGAD I.N.T Company will Transit and deliver your fuel with the best quality and safety precautions as quickly as possible